PRSM Ltd offers innovative solutions for all record management requirements of its clients

Services offered currently

  • Storage & Safe keeping – All kinds of physical documents are carefully inventoried and stored at varied customized levels viz Box management, File Management and Document Management. Every item stored can be quickly and efficiently tracked through our web-based services.
  • Digitization & Retrieval – We also undertake heavy duty scanning of physical documents for digital storage and retrieval.
  • On-site Management – We also provide document management expertise at the client’s site.
  • Shredding & Destruction – Just like the records are carefully stored, so are they responsibly destroyed as per client’s requirement.

PRSM advantage

There is a three-fold advantage in making PRSM your associate
  • Ethical management:
    Panoramic Group is managed by a board of individuals, known to be the epitome of ethical behavior. Integrity and security are the prime concerns in the business of record maintenance, and PRSM gives utmost importance to reliability and dependability coupled with flexibility without in any way compromising the service quality.
  • Customized flexible Software:
    Our Record Management software has been developed exclusively for PRSM; and unlike other software available in the market, there is complete flexibility as far as the utility of the software is concerned. The result being, that the software is highly customizable to meet every requirement of our clients. Further, there is increased security and reliability in the maintenance of records, since the software is constantly updated by the in-house IT team and the risk of breach is largely reduced.
  • Wide experience:
    The team at Panoramic group has long standing experience of ensuring customer satisfaction, consistently, through sound business practices and expertise in managing businesses over large geographical distances and is thus adequately equipped to handle the activities related to its record management business.